What is the best city in Italy?

@juoanna (362)
February 26, 2007 8:56am CST
What city make your heart beat faster?
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@CatNPK (461)
• United States
10 Mar 07
It's no single city... All of Italy makes my heart beat faster! I love the poeple, the food, the history, the screwed up government, everything! I have been obsessed ever since my first trip there.
@CatNPK (461)
• United States
10 Mar 07
See, my heart started beating faster - I meant PEOPLE of course!
@atlos000 (28)
• Italy
28 Dec 07
1)Venice 2)Milan 3)Rome 4)All rest sucks (really! I'm Italian)
@bhetelux (189)
• Italy
10 May 07
without doubt the best city is Rome! not only in Italy but all over the world!
@hispanico (138)
• Italy
11 Mar 07
The best Italian city is Napoli!! But Roma is a beutiful city!! Ciao Juoanna
@MarkyB21 (1545)
1 Mar 07
I didn't go to many cities when I visited Italy but I prefer the countryside anyway - some of the little villages up in the mountains were incredible!
• Portugal
28 Feb 07
I never been in Italy but from what I saw Veneza would be that city, the city of love.
• Italy
26 Feb 07
It's definitely my loved one, Milan!!!! The city where I was born and which I'd never change!!! I love my Milan!!!