If you cheat death are you destined to fail?

February 26, 2007 10:19am CST
When I was a baby I nearly died, I have been told that 1/2 hour later my Mum would have been holding a dead baby. I cannot help but feel that my life ever since has been terrible and that no matter what i will always fail. Things have happened to me that no one I know goes through yet I have gone through over again. Abbusive Boyfriends, more than one. Twice I have left excellent jobs due to bullying management one who pushed me in the back so hard that my head nearly went crashing in to monitor the other tried it on and when i said no pushed me against a wall and carried on. I had my house broken in too by two men whilst I was in. This is just a small amount of my lifes problems. Are my always going to have things go wrong?
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