Britney spears: do you think the public should leave her alone?

United States
February 26, 2007 10:30am CST
Do you think people are taking things out of proportion with her?
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@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
26 Feb 07
yes! I think even if she is having a breakdown, everyone saying how bad she is in the media isn't going to help, leave the poor girl alone, let her make her own decisions and her own mistakes like everyone else!
• United States
26 Feb 07
I think people get into her life to much. She did shave her head but if I went out and shaved my head no one would care. She might need help but I think if she wasn't ragged on by the media then maybe she would get better.
@iduidu (243)
• Romania
18 Apr 07
Everything britney does is public. There are PLENTY of celebrities that can handle their breakdowns, personal issues or whatever outside of the public eye. Britney is addicted to the lime light. She complains about it but does nothing to stop it. I hope she does get help cause she obviously needs it but i dont have sympathy for her at all. I feel sorry for her kids and her family. I think its sad but at the same time, isnt it exactly what she wants? I mean this is the girl who tells the paparazzi WHERE shes going (yes, all the time with Kevin), the one who cries on Matt Lauers interview that she wants the paparazzi to leave her and Kevin alone but gives interviews to two magazines the following week. The same one that strutted her stuff when she was out to dinner with her dancers (during the wild Paris week). The same girl who rode piggy-back on Kevins back at the beach when they were 1st photographed together, smiling telling them to follow them. The same girl that when she walks into a photo shoot, etc., she asks the staff to CLAP for her. She cant have it both ways and she cant blame all of her problems on the paparazzi when its convienient for her. she needs to take responsibility. The fact that shes going through a rough time between her and her family and friends doesnt mean that the paparazzi is the cause. They are her exsistance. Without them, she would have dropped off the face of the earth 3 years ago - she hasnt done anything for so long yet shes still popularWhy? Because of the paparazzi. Certainly not due to talent (hey, Im a fan but Im not an idiot).
• Malaysia
17 Apr 07
i dont think so. because this is the part of the package on being a celebrity and being a big celebrity like britney, the more publicity she has, trust me.. it will all be for good use when her new album comes out. peopke arent taking things out of proportion with her coz she started everything.. that virginity thing,marrying jason alexander and then getting it annulled under 24hours, her 2 marriages both down the drain, the no-underwear moments, her bald head.. im waiting for her nxt move. dont get me wrong, i like britney and her songs its just that she needs to get her life in order..she's a mother now she should be a positive role model for them.
• United States
26 Feb 07
Once you enterthe world of entertainment you loose the right to be left alone you make your liing from the people and hence I feel you have an image to protect she didnt do this However I do feel compasion for Ms Spears she is as her father said a sick little girl thank God for her childrens sake as well as her own she is finaly trying to get some help!