what was the basic theam behind the Matrix movie.

United Arab Emirates
February 26, 2007 11:07am CST
i ahve seen the both parts of matrix movie i enjoyed that very much. Acting was very good, stunts were brilliat and idas were tremendous but over all i did not understand what actually defines "matrix". can any body tell me that that what they tried to implement and what that world was all about and also wwhats the idea beinds machines war.
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26 Feb 07
Having seen the movies I draw my own conclusion that it is very much man against machine. In this modern world it is easy to forget that we rely so heavily on computers, so watching these movies reminds us that we have to co-exist with machines. Just my theory
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@hijas007 (1386)
• India
26 Feb 07
the movie is all about after effect of artificial intelligence.according to movie man made first ai based robot in 1999 and the war between man and machines begin in few days.machines defeated man and only who survives went to zion.but man block the sun using a chemical.so machines found human body is the best energy source.that is why they make fields of human.they create a virtual world fot that humans.which is called matrix.its like a just dream.if you dream and never wake up from that dream you will think it is real!that is the theme of matrix world.but morphis and many other try to free this humans from fields and third world war begin.rest you can see in film!
• India
9 Aug 07
Yes, this movie is the piece of art. I must appreciate the whole team of matrix trilogy as they made this film. I love to read bhagwat geeta. I think this movie is based or inspired by some of the concept written in Geeta. They presented in bit different way, but the basic philosophy of this movies looks very close to Bhagwat Geeta.
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5 Mar 07
From my point of view I think the theme of the movie was abt the machines it stated that if human can control the machines and direct them for their benefits machines can too control humans and do whatever they wanted on their own.
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1 Mar 07
well actually it tries to relate the machine world with ours ....... in the beginning the machines are out of contorl and they try to take a total control over the humans world .... but thanks to neo and others they ge into the machine world and finish these bugs once and for all.................and thats the whole of matrix in a nutshell