At what time you give vehicle?

February 26, 2007 11:45am CST
I wonder at what time it is ok to let our children drive any vehicle.It doen't matter if he or she has no driving lisence.I mean to say at what time is it safe to let your children drive locally.I ask all due to this because my nephew is asking to let him drive and he thinks I will really suport him.What do you say?What should I do ?
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@howard96h (11642)
• New York, New York
26 Feb 07
Where you live do they issue a drivers license to people? Does anyone have one? If they do, then it does matter to allow someone to drive without a license. Don't they issue a permit first and then the person practices drivng before they go for their road test? At least with the permit you know the person has learned the rules, laws and do's and don'ts about driving. There is a reason for having a drivers license. You never mentioned how old he is.