Money is the key to everything, do you think so?

money matters - Money do matters in this world. We need money for our day to day living. It is important for us to survive all the hardships life can offer us.
February 26, 2007 12:22pm CST
I am currently watching my paper bill at my wallet and came up to ask this idea. Is money really the key to everything that we need? Money is important and one has to have money to support one's lifestyle and one's daily living. For me, money affects our day to day lives and is the basic thing that we need. If we have enough money, we could buy our food, build a shelter, send ourselves in schoo and buy the things that we want. When there are health problems, we also need money for the bills, medicines, hospital bills. When we want to travel around the world and see what the wonders of God, we needed money the most. So do you think money is the number Key for everything in this life?
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@MaSunny (61)
• United States
26 Feb 07
It is largely dependent on people's individual priorities. For me, it is right up there on number 2 on the key to everything in life, esp. in such a complex society as I need it to maintain my health, fitness, physical appearance, charity, activism, volunteerism, travel, etc. and what you've said. The number one key in life for me is my skills, talents, psychological needs, personality, and myself overall, but even all of these were aided by money as I got many of my ideas through the television, internet, and gasoline used in going to orientations and such.
• Panama
26 Feb 07
Yes unfortunately in todays world Money is VERY IMPORTANT. They say there are somethings money cant buy but I think you need money for almost everything today.