How do you tell your Dad he shouldnt drive anymore

February 26, 2007 12:35pm CST
Has anyone ever had to tell their Dad they shouldnt be on the road. My partners Dad is in his 70's and still driving. its so scarey although his driving isnt that bad his reaction time is terrible. We have tried to bring the subject up but wife says "theres nothing wrong with his driving" she wears the trousers! How do we stop him driving without making him feel the only thing he can still do is gone
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• Canada
26 Feb 07
That is a really tough one . I don't know how you could bring this up without really hurting his feelings , but like you said if he is a danger on the road he is a danger not only to himself but to everyone else on the road . A suggestion maybe would be to see if you could talk to his family doctor and have them say something to him , maybe it wouldn't be so hard if it came from someone like that and then you could be the one he could come talk to when he needed someone to talk to . Best of luck as this would be a very hard thing to do to the one you love and want to keep safe but don't want to hurt .
26 Feb 07
Thank you for your suggestion, last year he had majour heart opp and the doctors said they couldnt advise. I think maybe we will try local GP though. We hate having to do this to him, he is such a proud man
• United States
27 Feb 07
Sometimes you just have tyo be honest with them, because if not they are going to cause accidents. His wife might not want to hear about it because as we get older, we start to lose freedoms. Driving is a very important freedom to the older generation, and to take it away, is like taking candy away from a child. We all hate to do it, but sometimes it needs to be done.
@Evacuee (1148)
26 Feb 07
I feel that this must be quite a common thing and a lot of people are 'bashing' the over 70's, government agencies too. I am 74 and been driving since my 17th birthday legal but since I was 12 illegal. I used to go out in my step-brothers truck in the 40's and he used to let me drive it home back to the yard. I feel that I can still drive safely and my reaction time is as good as ever but I have been driving trucks, coaches and cranes all my working life until I had a heart attack at 59. In 57 years of driving I never had an accident! They took my truck licence away for my heart problem but let me keep my car and motorbike brief. (Yes I still ride a bike occasionally too!) My son, a police driving instructor (who I taught to drive), says as long as I can reverse our trailer into the garage car as well, he can see no reason why I should not continue to drive. My reaction time is as good as his also, we have tried it! So I think that as long as your partners father has not had an accident to prove he is incompetent I feel that he should not have his licence taken away unless it is by someone who has the necessary qualifications to say he is unsafe. You should drive alongside some of the characters I've sat with and they were only around 20 to 30 years old!!