Aroganism George W. Bush expand to irak, killing much innocent people !

@madnes (17)
February 26, 2007 1:42pm CST
To begin of George W. Bush to light crazy ideas, controversion and fully content politics . From White House with the politicus candidate which to support for Bush, they are making opinion public united states of america and all the world that Irak to conceal 'Nuclear Weapon' in Irak jurisdiction . But Saddam Hussein to contradict, this only reason of Bush to Irak attack and expand jurisdiction in Irak . George W. Bush still on establishment . War can't withdrawn . Many ground to repeat decision of Bush . Real ambition of Bush expand to Irak want full authority to oil resources, so analysis of them . War ready to happen, killing much innocent people and more than thousand soldier sacrifice ! . Aroganism George W. Bush must to payed very expensive . After tragedy Irak ought to career politician George W. Bush as soon as to finish ? . But Reality career Bush so much to climb . ( # February '2007, Original Opinion from : Madnes / Member of MyLot # ) .
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