Other Hand Of London

February 26, 2007 5:49pm CST
yeah im from london and them people from north, north west, north east, south, south east, south west - london is where you get wear da right outfit in every endz fo’shizzle you get pinched people or should i say some girls on this site dont seem to know fully about london cause they always go to da good sides like the out skirts but still girls dont understand how hard it is being a man in london cause girls can walk anywhere but its slyly changing gyaldem are getting greeze in da endz ha come deeper and you will see how deep da london mandem roll truss !!!!!!!!!!!! man aint trying to scare anyone but its life thats how it is here b if u was from da endz u would know!!!!!!!
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• United States
27 Feb 07
Let me see if I understand you correctly. Are you saying you are upset because people only visit the better parts of London and not the seedy parts of London? Why would you go to the bad parts if you had a choice? There are some downright awful parts near where I live too ... every place has its downside. I would never recommend someplace to say a tourist that I wouldn't go myself. That is not snobby it is normal. I don't think less of London or the UK for that matter because some areas are rundown or perhaps dangerous... That is life.
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1 Mar 07
Nahh lmao, Nahh just saying the outsider thinks london is a littel things and they all makes stupid comments, in differnet website.... I guess they got right to diss about london, just because they have never been there befor.... Im just saying... posh part of london is'nt fun like the bad part of london.... good and bad part of london are both standard it just bad part anit safe but still there is much fun to do den posh part.
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1 Mar 07
At-less fuzzEbluebathrobe... your profile says your from USA.... If you have been in NEW YORK...compare it to london is the SAME... NO DIFFERENT. Every bad hood in da world is da same.... Where about USA do u live in ?? i got family from L.B.C and Florida
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@ronita34 (3923)
• Canada
2 Mar 07
I think that the entire world is the same in its own ways when it comes to being in bad neighborhoods and things like that. I am from Aberta , Canada and i like where i live as i always tend to choose the smaller quieter places. I have a 2 year old daughter and a 5 year old daughter which is why i like the smaller places at least until they get a bit older!