wander land of Bamboo

Bamboo - wander land of bamboo
February 26, 2007 8:03pm CST
Hollow in the middle carved by time singing with flowing water dancing colored with Green Mountain how much wind and rain gllided by so straight,hollow branch like standing sword with no being cut by blowing clouds so intensive,flying leaves ,like cord with no being folded by smooth breeze old memories were left it's ever been lofty for literati it's ever been poesy of longhair in the deep heart of the bamboo forest there're ever books in WEI and JIN Dynasty .trees of XIANGXIANG something still confusing ,living or dad how difficult to get into your deep soul to find beauty weave branches as mat,make leaves as a boat drinking wines of dew spots ,floating on the lake with horros flied away how many bosom friends can we find in span life
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