Comedy Bar!

February 26, 2007 9:50pm CST
How is the comedy bar set up in your country? Way way back before for about few yeas ago I enter a comedy bar here with my friends because one of my friend was celebrating her birthday and we went on Comedy bar to celebrate her birthday. That was my first time to enter a comedy bar. Maybe the host there noticed that I don’t use to go on that kind of place so he noticed me and say something bad about me. He go close to our table and say a lot of things about and he said that I’m shaking and so on and so fort and the people there are laughing. I hate that experienced and never want to enter anymore on those kind of bar. I’m just curious if it is also normal in your country those kind of comedy bar that they make fun out of the customer that don’t look like good or seems to be nice?? Is it normal on any comedy bar around the world to make fun on the customer that don’t dress up good, don’t look like good and seems to be nice and don’t use to go with such place? How is the Comedy bar in your country??
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@nitsy_s (1031)
• India
27 Feb 07
I have not been to a comedy bar. Actually, i dint know what a comedy bar is until i read ur post:) I dont think there are any comedy bars in my country...
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
Oh really I never thought there are some country that comedy bar dont exist. I'm thankful that I inform you about what is a comedy bar if it does not exist in your country for I'm really curious how does comedy bar set in other country.
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
There are so many comedy bars here in our contry and they are really in these days. if you have problems, you can laugh there and most of the people in the comedy bars are gay people.