Do our parents feel that we r young enough to make mistakes?

February 27, 2007 12:43am CST
Friends is that true that our parents think that we our so young that we cannot take care of ourselves and we can make mistakes that can spoil our life?This has been with me.Once i had been with my friends the hole night,when i reached my place my mom asked me that where was i the whole night and what was i doing and the question started to take place in the corner of her mind.Have any one of u expereinced such an situation as I have?
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• Canada
27 Feb 07
Your parents love you and know what dangers are out there and don't want to see you get hurt . It may not be that they think you are too young or that they don't trust you it is the other people that you have to watch out for . Experience will teach you that not everyone is what they make out to be and for this reason they just want to protect you from anything that might happen . Just remember that when things are not going your way it is not because your parents want to be mean and spoil your fun they just want you to be with them always and don't want to take anything with anyone as special as you are to them . The hardest thing for a parent is when they have to say no , knowing that you want to go somewhere or do something as they were your age once and understand what it feels like to be your age but they still have to be able to teach you things and the only way they can do this is to tell you no sometimes and to disagree with some of the things you believe to be ok .