Rating for my star - Part II

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February 27, 2007 4:52am CST
This is a follow up to my original post titled "Rating for my star" that is located at http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/821196.aspx . I would have preferred to continue there but there is no facility for me to post a comment to my own discussion, and there is no suitable comment for me to "add comment" to. So here's it. Surprise, surprise! After I remarked on how my star rating jumped from 2 to 6, it has now become an 8! I might have been getting a few pluses for the past day.. if so, my friends, my sincere thanks to you! Even though the rating is not something I am overly concerned about, it is still nice to know that my postings are appreciated. Thanks again! ;-) Another thing I have discovered - and I think I can be more or less sure, is that at least for me, the rating for my star is updated 3 hours before my earnings is updated. I can't be sure for you because I am not sure if the earnings of everyone is updated at the same time. Whichever the case, you can try watching out for any change to your star rating around 3 hours before your earnings is supposed to be updated. Cheers!
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• United States
23 Jun 07
I just looked and you are at a 9 now! Keep up the good work.
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@subathra (3519)
• India
23 Jun 07
Those who are working actively in mylot knows you very well as you always post great quality topics which fetches whole lot of responses.congrats... But regarding the updation of star rate , you have provided good information which i was not aware that it gets updated before 3 hrs when earnings are updated.But once while doing mylot i found my star rating changed from 9 to 10.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
23 Jun 07
My changes happen daily, If I post more it goes up if I do not post as often it drops.. - DNatureofDTrain