can fountainhead hero exist?

February 27, 2007 5:09am CST
do you think a charecter like roark can survive in real life. the book is a great reading and is one of the books reading which i didnt check how many pages are left to finish the chapter .. it just goes on and on.. but a person like roark cannot exist in real life i think??
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15 Apr 07
yes you are right...that is the reason we appreciate the novel so much...for he is an example no one can imatate in modern world...but yes he was a man who believed in him..we might have egotist like him but not perfectionists along with it..
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6 Aug 10
A person like Howard Roark cannot exist in today's world. Roark is the ultimate perfectionist. He does not want fame or money or any other material thing. The satisfaction he gets from creating perfection is all he longs for. I think that Ayn Rand did not create this character as someone true to life. Roark was deliberately created by Rand as an extension of the main theme of the book- which is the human spirit- which cannot be kept bound.
@Fishish (697)
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28 Feb 07
do you mean a fictional character. i can tmake the head or tail of what or who this roark is. i will surely let u know if he can exxist once i can figure who he is...