February 27, 2007 6:08am CST
Hello guys how r u all?Im in a problem that is Bulk mail in yahoo.Alayz i got many bulk mail in my yahoo mail.And most of that mail is unexpected.I feel disturb by that mail.Can u say guys,How can i aboid that bulk mail?
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• Pakistan
28 Apr 07
There is no need to get much worried about bulk mail if that mail remain in your inbox insted of Bulk Folder. Make a new folder and give any name, then go to email option and mark such mails to put in the new folder if you getting with same "subject" put by subject if by same email address put by address there are option you can check that and get rid of bulk mails and remain your inbox safe.
@healer (1782)
• India
1 Mar 07
Please don't worry about that, bulk have a different folder you can set that on and let the bulk messages go there. Its easy to delete bulk messages even if its 200 messages we can delete it at one go. so, don't care about it anymore, i think everybody gets spam messages in yahoo, gmail...etc.
@sandy2k6 (393)
• India
27 Feb 07
I dont see any solution to this. One way is to go to mail preferences and choose the option where the spam mails are deleted without coming into bulk folder. however, this way you may loose some genuine mails because it is then upto yahoo to choose what is spam and what is not spam. Otherwise, simply open a new mail account and get rid of the present id