chewing gum

chewing bubble gum - In this pic is a guy joyfully munching away his gum and making his bubble.
@mic123 (204)
February 27, 2007 6:52am CST
Do u like chewing gum or bubble gum?Does your mouth pain while chewing? Mine does.Thats why I dont eat it.I use to eat it when i was a kid and that gave me pleasure.Now i wonder what pleasure it was?
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27 Feb 07
yeh i love chewing bubble gum....its fun!! lol gives a good taste to ma mouth! no my mouth doesnt pain....i can go on for hours and hours....
@jadeybabe (264)
27 Feb 07
I like them both but yer it's true it hurts after a bit so i hardly ave any only when im hungry and there is no food about :)