How is right? can you say?

@oneelf (175)
Russian Federation
February 27, 2007 10:15am CST
how is it right to say about anymals - it or he,she,they?
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@TheCatLady (4691)
• Israel
22 Dec 08
According to the rules of English grammar and animal is referred to as it. I don't call animals it, unless I'm making a silly joke about the animal being neutered. All my fur kids are neutered. I use he or she for all animals. I know it's grammatically incorrect, but I see animals as individuals, male and female. There are also grammatical rules in Hebrew for referring to animals different from humans. I use the human terms for age and everything else. I know it's wrong. I don't care. A lot of animal lovers knowingly use improper grammar referring to animals. Probably some other languages also have a set of rules for animals things.
@NonaSaile (924)
• Philippines
22 Dec 08
For pets with proper names that I know of, I usually refer to them by their gender - he/she, him/her. If its a nameless, I just refer to it as that - "it". By the way, I like the animated photo that you uploaded in your profile of the little mouse brushing its teeth. Very cute. Happy mylotting!
@michan (212)
• Philippines
27 Feb 07
i'd use it/they, if it were just another animal. But for my own pets, I use he/she/they