do u and your siblings have the same social cirle?

@Fishish (697)
February 27, 2007 12:12pm CST
i and my siblings do have the same set of friends,more or less. it is great fun to hang around in the same circle, go out together, share the same gossip. we never have to go out in separate groups adn enjoy all the more this way...what about u?
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• Canada
28 Feb 07
My sister and I have never had the same friends. We are way too different, as individuals, and there is a four year age gap between us. The age gap didn't really matter since I turned 19, but our interests are still too different to travel with the same social circle.
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28 Feb 07
When I was at school with my sister we had all the same friends. However since we left we have always had different friends. I think that is good as it means you are able to talk to your friends about anything including your family if they aren't close to any of them.
• Canada
28 Feb 07
NO! There's just my brother & I, but we both have different interests, friends, and don't really do much of anything with one another anymore. Sad, but that's how it seems to be, since we have so little in common.
@jess368 (3368)
• United States
27 Feb 07
No me and my brother do not. when i still lived at home we had a few neighbors that were our friends but other than that we had completley different friends. He has much different interests than i do. I hope one day when his values change a little we can go out with mutual friends and all get along. untill then i will still take him out with me to places like the lake and such.