Mothers and Operations

@smithy86 (137)
February 27, 2007 12:39pm CST
My mother found out yesterday that she has to have a hysterectomy on the 2nd of April. She is 50 this year so shouldnt be too alarmed that her periods would stop. It seems to be genetic in my family because my grandmother and all my mums older sisters have had it. I dont know whay she is still crying over it because admittingly it is a shock but hse has been sufffering from bad periods for years and has 8cm fibroids. Then i thought that i dont really know too much about menopause and how people react to no longer having periods. If there are any women who have had hysterectomys out the please respond to this as i would love to reassure my mum but im not sure how
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• United States
2 Mar 07
Having an operation is scary no matter what it is for, or how many times we've gone through it. She's also loosing something inside of her that makes her a woman - that's tough. It may not make her less of a woman but deep down she may be feeling like she'll be loosing part of herself with her hysterectomy. I'm sure she's under a lot of emotional duress. It's hard to go through this specific surgery and the after effects, early menopause, estrogen replacement, ect.. Its not about losing her periods its about loosing her uterus.
• Andorra
1 Mar 07
Your mother is probably worried about the after effects of the operation. For example infection, Lack of being able to work or cook or clean for weeks even months. She also may have to take HR tablets and a lot of vitamins. Just reassure her that whatever happens there will be people around to support her.