Do Crap goverments and Politicians, run parallel with ,Crap music and performers

February 27, 2007 3:22pm CST
Its appeared to me,and maybe you will disagree, that music and politics seem to run parallel,hence crap politicians,and goverments.Crap unmelodic music,and performers, with exception to the older performers. In the fifties and sixties the music was very melodic with wonderful romantic lyrics,real polished professional performers,Presley,Orbinson,and a host of others, and people respected each other. Also at that time,goverment leaders were honourable people who stated rightly to us,we never had so good.Now all we have on the political front are a lot of greedy,lying,womanising,spin driven chancers with no respect for anyone, putting us into wars the majority dont want,and crap unmelodic chanting,singers out of tune with crap lyrics, I guess people get the goverments and music they deserve,or maybe im just a miserable old sod.
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27 Feb 07
You know it's never occurred to me to compare governments to music but you may well have a point there! I have noticed that music seems better (to me anyway) at the end of every decade rather than at the beginning (take the late 60's psychedelia compared to the wishy-washy early 60's, the late 70's punk and new wave compared to the early 70's Osmonds, Bay City Rollers and David Cassidys', the late 80's rave and dance explosion compared to the namby pamby early 80's electronica).
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