Visiting local NASCAR venues?

@webeishere (36351)
United States
February 27, 2007 4:56pm CST
Okay I'm an avid fan of the small local NASCAR tracks here in Minnesota. I go to the first 2 religiously every year. I love seeing these young & old stars alike race. It's where most NASCAR drivers got their starts racing at their local short tracks. So I'm looking for firends that enjoy the NASCAR short track venues in their areas. I'd love to hear some stories. I've posted a topic before about meeting some stars at our tracks. Every year they have an event called "The Night The Stars Came Out" Usually 4 NASCAR pro drivers are scheduled for dinner autographs & greeting fans. Then they get into the local drivers Late Models & race the local drivers. Even saw the famous flip a couple years ago here. Enjoy yourself. Happy Postings. All replies greatly sppreciated.
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