Reverse racism and why I think black history month is racist

United States
February 27, 2007 5:34pm CST
Before everyone gets mad at me for posting this, hear me out. I am not a racist. I think that our country has gone so far to repay the debt of slavery, that they have forced "non-minorities" into a situation where they are being punished for the color of their skin. Lets start with the obvious. Black history month. Its an unfair, racist celebration. I fully understand that slavery was wrong, but it was not the only thing that wrong nor was it the worst thing to happen in American history. Its not fair to every other race involved in the world. What about the Native Americans? They had their land stolen, were forced to leave all that they knew, were killed off because of land, and forced to live in small camps. Hmmm, sound familiar? Most people dont even think about them anymore. But they have suffered the most in this country. Where is their month? Another thing that angers me is reparations. Everyone knows that slavery sucked. No question about it. But you also have to look at it from a modern view. If black slaves were not brought over here, where would todays Africa-American public be? Still in Africa, where disease runs rampant, education is useless, food is scarce, medical attention almost obsolete. Yet here, they prosper. On that same note, "minorities" have many rights that "non-minorities" (ie white people)could never have. There is an entire organization just for black people. But if whites were to start an organization for the betterment of their race, it would instantly be shot down as racist and forced to shut down. Scholarships. African- Americans have ready made college chances. There are funs made specifically for black college students. You could never set up a scholarship just for white people. This state of reverse racism has even crept into television. B.E.T. Black entertainment television. Where is the white entertainment television? Now I know what a lot of people are gonna say about this. Yes, there are things that are more often white than not, but its not exclusive to white people. Everyone has a chance to participate in these things. Just something to think about.
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@cripfemme (7710)
• United States
28 Oct 08
I think that black history month is not racist and here's why. We spend lots of time learning about white people all year. I don't think an one month is too much to ask in pursuit of equality. However, I agree, it's better we should all be integrated so we learn about everyone at once together rather than having to have special categories. I hope we, as a society, evolve to the point we don't need Black history month. However, I don't think we're anywhere near that point.
@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
13 Apr 07
You're right. You cannot give privileges to one ethnic group and say that it is their right, and yet if you do to another, say it is racist. Have all the Black people in the States become moral and righteous? No, for when I watch the Judge shows on Tv, I see black boys (you can't call them men) living off the avails of their women, white or black. And this is why Lincoln freed the slaves!!!! Yet when I read history and learn about the Roman slaves that were manumitted by their owners and how they started their own businesses, and tried to get ahead. And you must not give money to the descendants of Black slaves. There is a rule in the bible saying that children should not be punished for their parents sins and I presume it meant that the descendants of the slave owners and plantation owners should not be made to pay for what their ancestors did either.
@Modestah (11188)
• United States
27 Feb 07
I agree, reverse racism IS racism. But how to get out of that rut? I am not sure there is much solution anymore. And, other special interest groups have minority/race benefits - while they are not a race at all! one of the special groups functions that I believe to be racist is the particular race "miss america pageant" if we want to all be recognized as americans, then let us compete together as americans, not just as a special ethnicity. our race is now american regardless of our heritage and ethnicity! This was a gutsy discussion you started here!