does reading the screwtape letters affects your life style?how was it?

February 27, 2007 8:55pm CST
Screwtape letters by CS Lewis is composed of letters sent by Screwtape a tempter in the Tempters School, to his nephew sending advices on how people by manipulated by them(devils). Its giving me hard time of reading it because i realized that somtimes used to become an instrument by devils to make people get screwed.
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28 Feb 07
The screwtape letters is a funny book. I think C.S. Lewis was a very creative writer. I like the whole premise that a higher ranking devil is teaching a younger devil (wormword) how to make humans slip up and sin. The whole concept of this made me laugh. I don't believe in demons or devils but I think there are some evil people in the world. The book is funny because it does detail a lot of ways humans can be tripped up in life, and I don't even mean that from a religious standpoint. The author C.S. Lewis was an atheist who later became a Christian and married a Jewish woman, which is kind of funny too!
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3 Mar 07
hmmm, i dont know that information about CS lewis??? how did he become christian???
@d_eagle (100)
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9 Mar 07
i havent read a book that would say how C.S Lewis became a christian, but if you are interested to this, C.S. Lewis and Tolkien are good friends, they exchanged notes in thier writings, while C. S.lewis was writing the Screwtape, Tolkien was writing Lord of the Rings. Based on the Book Finding God in Lord of the Rings, it was Tolkien who influenced C. S. Lewis to become a christian.