indecent proposal..... :(

@zjenikka (292)
February 27, 2007 10:14pm CST
I am a lady who's raised from a very conservative family who never neglects to recognize the reality of the modern era nowadays. but how come.....???? This did not happen only once--- i notice that i have been getting indecent proposals of which i cannot understand as to why it has to be me. As much as possible i try to be nice and courteous to everyone. I never thought that being such will be treated unfair by some guys. I've been receiving indecent proposals. I hate to handle it, because for me it shows disrespect. A guy was asking for a date and if i will agree i'd get to ride on his car? Duh??!!! The other one said that if i will marry him, i will get almost half of his wealth. HUH???!!! The other one said if id just say YES right away, a diamond ring will be on my finger. Goodness!!! Don't I deserve to be respected. I am one fine lady who deserves respect. Some of my friends say that it has something to do with my beauty, others say with my very nice character that guys from all ages would like, few says that i am too friendly that would lead to a wrong impression... A far as I know personality counts. It is so ironic because most of the people say that I am a very strict person, blunt and vocal, hard and stiff. Then? why indecent proposal? Strong personality is at fault here or what? please tell me something... anyone?????:(
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