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February 27, 2007 11:49pm CST
I have a two year-old son, and while I love him with all my heart, sometimes I find myself wishing he'd just go away for a while or just wake up to himself and learn to behave. I'm having a lot of trouble with him. Time out doesn't work, he just yells no at me over and over again and keeps getting up, if I try to hold him down he screams "ow" on the top of his lungs and I don't want the neighbours to think I'm killing him. I try sending him to his room but as soon as he's allowed back out he's laughing at me and being naughty straight away, like he thinks I've given in, even when I leave him in there for up to 20 minutes....which I consider a long time for someone his age. Smacking doesn't work, all that's done is teach him to smack back, or to smack me for no reason. He bullies his baby sister all the time and whenever she cries he runs off laughing and hides his face under his doona. He never does anything I ask of him, I always get the cheeky "no mamma" and he keeps on doing whatever he's doing wrong. Is this normal two year-old behaviour, will he grow out of it? Because I'm seriously at my wits end with him.
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@sweetee (420)
• Australia
28 Feb 07
Most children seem to go through this phase, however i was fortunate the mr 5 didn't. I am suffering badly with miss 2 though. I think they just really want to be independant and see how far they can push us before we break - they like to be in control. I think the best thing to do is be consistant. Though i think some things deserve more of a punishment than other things. Don't give up..
@AmbiePam (57652)
• United States
10 Mar 07
That is unfortunately, the terrible two's. It will pass although it doesn't seem like it now. Do you have anyone who could come over once a week and watch him while you got out and did something relaxing? Time away can help clear the atmosphere, even with a two year old. My parents spanked me as a little kid, but they were careful not to hit the face. You didn't say that, but I notice when kids are slapped or something, that seems to feed the rebellion. If you send him to his room, does he have toys in there? Taking away his toys while he is in his room might help. I admire you for asking for advice. I have no children, I've just taken care of them so much. I wish you the best of luck, and I'm sure one day he will turn out as wonderful as his mother currently is.
@catcai (1057)
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
Well i do sincerely hope he grows out of it, its normal for a toddler to be a nuissance, you just have to be really really patient with them. Your child should outgrow his behavior if not, then better watch out if he's a candidate for ADHD- attention deficit hyperactive disorder. This is common with boys than girls. Sadly you will have to wait until he gets to school to fully diagnose this, his teachers will be the one who will most likely notice if he has ADHD because of his school performance- I really hope he's just being a child, well as of now, all you can do is to love him more, maybe you can try giving him the silent treatment for sometime- until he notices for himself that you seem to be distant from him. Spanking for a toddler will really do no good, they really have not much concept of what is right and wrong yet. You could also try bargaining with him. Like trade a cookie for every good behavior or something. I do wish you the best of luck and i really do hope he grows out of it ;)
@DJ9020 (1596)
• United States
28 Feb 07
Yes, it's normal 2 year old behavior, but needs to be dealt with now before it gets worse. There need to be some serious consequences for his behavior. What does he like most? What would really get to him if you took it away? If his room has lots of toys and things to keep his interest, then try giving him time out on a kitchen chair or something like that. When you ask him to do something, make sure he does it. for example: he is playing with toys and you ask him to go brush his teeth for bed, he says no and keeps on playing. go over to him, take the toys away, and take him physically to brush his teeth. let him scream if he wants to. he has learned that you back off from that, so let the neighbors think what they want to. And yes, it is ok and normal to feel like you do! If you can, take some time out for yourself occaisionally.