Another case of ABORTION

February 28, 2007 12:36am CST
5 days ago, a certain news broke out, where a girl in her 20's, 6 months pregnant decided to flush her baby fetus, down the toilet. I know that I should have stated that better, but it seems to sound that way to me. Television and radios have released different opinions about it and all sides seem to have been heard. Now people have different verdicts, some wanted to forgive the girl, others wanted her jailed. From what I have heard, on the girl's side, everything was an accident, she had a miscarriage, she panicked when she saw the fetus, didn't know what to do, so she flushed it. Still, I am not convinced. Intentional or not, the point is she flushed it! Like it was some dirt or waste that needs to be thrown away! Apparently, the localities are making investigations and they are still in doubt if they should put her in jail or not. What do you think? Was her alibi enough? Was it abortion or not?
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• United States
2 Mar 07
it was cold blooded murder(abortion)!!!!!in order for to have had the baby in the toilet she had to of known it was coming.some kind of contraction had to of occured.I wouldnt want my little baby flushed down a toilet.That cold hearted and i think she should go to jail.panicking is calling the police not flushing your baby down the toilet.
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
wow! you really made me feel what you were feeling. fortunately, the incident has woken up the government here and decided to take action. they are going to make a new program where confused and distressed pregnant moms can sought for help in order to prevent them from abortion.
• United States
3 Mar 07
Thats good for the government.Just the thought of a little baby being treated like garbage makes me sick.I really dont sympathize for women who do this cuz the say theyre under stress or whatever.I had a baby when i was only 15 yrs old.I was a baby myself...i had nothing.I had my one lttle bedroom with my bed and dresser in my dads house.The dad left me and i was alone.YES i was very stressed.But that was my flesh and blood.I knew i only had one choice and that was to deal with the matter the best way possible and give my baby life.I got up at 15 and pregnant and got a kinda full time job(about 30hrs a week) and went to school.Yes the man left me with a baby but it wasnt just him.I decided to open my legs too....And for mothers out there that have NOTHING and think they cant provide for thier baby..there are plenty of state benefits and help.You just have to love your child enough to get the help.My daughters 8 yrs old now and she is my world.I feel like crying now just imagining her not in my life.Lifes hard but theres always a way.
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7 Mar 07
That's great that you wanted to have your kids. But not so great that you think only loose women get pregnant. But anyway, not everyone ehaves like you. NOr does everyone agree with you. Regardless of age, some people just don't want kids, and bith control can fail. It's great that your daughter is your world, but not everyone would see it that way.
• United States
28 Feb 07
At 6 months pregnant ( which i am right now) the baby is over 2 lbs, viable, and nearing a foot and a half long. If something like that happened to me, i would be panicing on the phone with emergency servaces and trying to keep my baby alive! Thats not abortion, but it can be considered murder!
@eden32 (3975)
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21 Mar 07
Based on what you said here, she didn't do anything to cause the miscarriage so no it's not an abortion. What do you think happens to miscarried fetuses in hospitals? You do realize that products of conception are disposed as medical waste? Most hospitals burn medical waste, but it's not as if the normal procedure is to have a burial or service or anything of the kind.