My Mum/Dad always used to say....

@MsTickle (25136)
February 28, 2007 1:03am CST
How often do you use this phrase? Or how often do you think about it? How often do the memories of those pearls of wisdom uttered by your Mum or Dad or both, pop into your head when you most need them? For instance, my Dad would say, 'If you have to ask the price of cannot afford it' This is so true. I take it to mean that if I have to put something on my credit card then I should not be buying it. Better to save up first. He also said 'Buy the best that you can afford' in other words, don't buy cheap goods because in the long run it's not worth it. Sometimes though these days you pay too much for a brand name and the quality may not be there, conversely you can pick up something simple and inexpensive (instead of the top of the range high priced model) that does the job admirably. Another saying was, 'If someone is being rude, abusive or complaining to you, kill 'em with kindness - it takes the wind out of their sails'. I think these days it's called empathy. It works pretty well when I remember to think of it. I'm usually scared, angry or feeling defensive. When we were little and being loud and boisterous and Mum could not tolerate it we were told 'Children should be seen and not heard' which meant 'Sit down, shut up, and behave yourself - or else! I'm not in the mood' We knew to Do you use any old sayings with your kids today? Can you add to these few sayings I've mentioned. I'll probably think of more as soon as I post.
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@weemam (13377)
3 Mar 07
Lol tickle you sure your mam and my are related , My Mum is always saying " you get what you pay for" and I am beginning to realise she is right , OMG i think I am turning into my mother , No all joking aside I would love to be as nice as my mother xx
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1 Mar 07
The absolute worst one of all was one that my mother would say to me, "One of these days you'll be sorry"! I used to beg her not to say that phrase, but to say anything thing else instead as that one really frightened me. She didn't say it often after that but when she did it would just cut right through me. I can still very vividly remember the first viewing of her in her casket and my first thought upon seeing her there was, "You were right, momma, I am sorry". Needless to say this is a phrase that I never used with my children, but I did like: "money doesn't grow on trees" "I hope you have a child just like you" and of course, the all 2 all important ones "Shut the refrigerator door! you're wasting electricity!" "Turn off those lights behind you! you're wasting electricity!"
@ausnikki (4055)
• Brisbane, Australia
28 Feb 07
Lol I can remember a few my parents used to say.If you slammed the car door my father would say "Why don't you slam the door right through" hmm I have been heard to say this occasionally lol.When we asked what was for tea my mother would say :sh!t with sugar on" :S
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28 Feb 07
I repeat things my parents said all the time with my own son. Now I wonder if he'll say them with his kids when the time comes. *lol* I remember when I was a young girl and would leave the door open my mom would always ask if I was born in a barn - it was her way of reminding me to shut the door. I've caught myself saying this to my son as well - the funny thing is, I do not understand the saying at all because I never lived in a barn. I'm guessing those who had barns never closed the door? :) If, when I was growing up, I ever said I "can't" in regards to being able to do something my mom would always come back with "Can't Never Did Anything". I say this to my son all the time. Or the saying (in this example with my son's name) "Christian, Christian, strong and able.. get your elbows off the table". Works like a charm! When I was little I would often bring my dad a cold drink when he got home from work and sat in his chair. After handing it to him, I would ask for a "tip" (my mom was a waitress so I said it to him for fun).. he would always come back with the phrase: "Ok here's your tip - Don't take wooden nickels from strangers". (??) I have repeated this to my son as well but I have no clue what the heck it means. :) I know there are many more I just need to think of them.