Global warming: How bad will it get?

United States
February 28, 2007 2:57am CST
Few people still believe that it's a myth, the main question now is how bad will it get. Some predictions indicate it could cause such a rise in sea levels that many cities all over the world would be flooded. Hurricanes and droughts are predicted to get worse. And many species of plants and animals may be endangered. Do you think it's all that bad? If so, is there anything we can do to stop it?
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@redfang (969)
28 Feb 07
it will get very bad the polar ice caps are melting and we as a world are not doing nearly enough to help it, alternative sources of power are available but for most families these sources are too expensive and they simply can't afford to use them, for instance solar power you need pannels on your roof which cost hundreds of not over £1000 and most households can't afford that wind turbines would be great and you can have them put on your house but again they are too costly, i think if governments want us to save energy and change to solar and ind power they should be helping us to do so . there is one thought though when the polar ice caps melt will it really send the sea level over the top? because if you think of the sea as water in a glass what happens to that water when an ice cube is introduced into the glass? the water in the glass will rise will it not? so when the ice melts it won't over flow the glass unless the glass is already full when you put the ice cube in so why couldn't that scinario happen?
• United States
28 Feb 07
Interesting point about the ice cubes in water. I think that a lot of the polar ice is also on land, though, least in antarctica. And really, could brilliant scientists all over the world overlook such a simple concept?