Which is the worst book you have read ?

February 28, 2007 4:21am CST
if I do not like a book, I don`t read more than a few pages. I usually sell them at ebay then. So I can`t tell you the worst which I have ever read, because I didn`t read it to the end ;)
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@netpiper1 (161)
• Pakistan
28 Feb 07
I dont read books so i dont know which one is the worst.
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@brokentia (10395)
• United States
1 Mar 07
Skinny B!tching. This lady that wanted to complain about life that never truly struggled in life. it was very annoying! She wanted to complain about her mother buying her the wrong Prada purse. A PRADA purse! Yeah right...like she really struggled.
@crazynurse (7489)
• United States
28 Feb 07
I remember being made to read 'The Catcher in the Rye' in high school. The book seemed pointless and boring to me. I read it as told and passed the examination about the book, but wow, it was a hard one to make myself plow through!