Do u like Hello Kitty???

hello kitty - hello kitty posing for u!!!
February 28, 2007 9:45am CST
Hi.. Do u all like Hello Kitty??? I do like Hello KItty.. It is very cute.. I will be very touch if someone give a Hello Kitty to me.:)
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@decimus785 (1419)
• Aruba
28 Feb 07
you don't have one?thats would be a pleausre to give u a hello kitty but your so far away.......
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@eagle_f15 (2052)
• Malaysia
21 Apr 08
Yes I like Helo Kitty. i don't even know why I like Hello Kitty because firstly the kitty has no mouth. Therefore it is expressionless. But I still like Hello Kitty maybe because it is in pink. Bu then Barbie also comes in pink. But I like hello kitty...I don't know why
• United States
22 May 08
Yaye Hello Kitty!
@rhane7315 (5670)
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
i love hello kitty because she's so adorable and cute
@megumiart (3780)
• United States
5 Apr 08
I love Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters. I think they're adorable. ^0^
@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
6 Jul 07
I love Hello Kitty. My friends call me kitty. THey say I have a round face just like it and they could not understand my fascination with this character. I think its really cute and when you keep looking at it, it just makes your day better.
• Philippines
9 Jun 07
i love hello kitty.. really cute
@erya85 (2)
• China
2 Apr 07
Hi I like Hello Kitty very.because my sister like it,and often ask me pay some Hello kitty for her.Latter,i also like it as my sister.
@Asheka (107)
• Canada
27 Mar 07
I love Hello kitty! Although, I enjoy Charmmy Kitty most out of Sanrio's characters...they are all adorable though. I do a lot of swapping with over seas penpals to get as much of the brand as possible! I'll also be going into the US (I live in Canada) this summer and hopefully getting a bunch of Charmmy Kitty stuff! Cannot wait!
@ekwits (510)
• Thailand
28 Feb 07
I don't Like hello kitty because it looks for girL's thing aNd it look cute for kid.