My teacher...was abused!

South Africa
February 28, 2007 10:23am CST
Today i stumbled onto another thought that came to my mind as i remember as a kid in the seventh grade and just thought i should share. This teacher had a little bit of a funny name: Leonni Erasmus She was a sprinting teacher and taught at this one school where i use to go for acting lessons. She came into the class one Monday morning with a completely bad blue eye, almost black. But it had seriously looked like she had gotten beaten up by someone. She said, "I could lie to you and say i was beaten up." Then she told us this whole story of how the pulled a rag from under and she fell to the ground which no one obviously believed. We all knew that somewhere in her family was a abuser. Her husband was probably abusing her at home. There was no possible way that a rag pulled from under her could do that sort of damage to an eye. No way! But mylot friends let me tell you this! I was in a christian school so abuse was taken very seriously. Abusing should have never happen. Control your anger. That was my story of abuse for the day onto the next.
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