The place where do you want to go to wed.

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February 28, 2007 10:31am CST
I live with my boyfriend in a city while our families live in another 2 parts,far of us.We want to go marry a day but there's a little problem: I want to marry in my city,because I lived them from 16 years,my family lives there and my parents too.But the mother of my boyfriend asked us to go have amarriage in his city beacuse she don't want to go tired and she does't like the planes.I naswered that it will be my wedding day and only I can choose the place,I go to wed one time in my life and I want to have near all my relatives.I think that if we go marry in the city of my boyfrined no one of my friend will be present because it's a city so isolated and fare and they have to take a more days if they want to come.I've told all these problems to my boyfriend mother and she said that if we will have wed in my city she will not come;she added also that my mother have 2 another daughters so she will recuparate with them!!!It's amazing she is behaving like a child!!!My boyfriend say that of sure she will change her opinion,but I think that I'm in right to decide the place where I want to marry!!!What do ypu think about?
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28 Feb 07
You do what you think is right, it is your wedding day, not anyone else's, if they dont like what you have planned then they should not come. It doesnt matter who gets married, you'll always have one parent or another causing a problem, then you'll have other family members, then comes the friends. You will also get told that if you invite one person, that person complaining will not come. You'll be told where to get married, where to have your reception, what food to serve, where you should shower and also what colour underwear you should wear... Unfortunately its a part of getting married, people forget its your's and your partners day, not there's and that they are invited as guests to help celebrate your day. My then future father-in-law told me, that if I invited his ex wife, my husband-to-be's mother, then he would not go. I didnt let this upset me, I just simply told him politely but firmly, he was welcomed to come, but I was not going to not invite anyone because of him or anyone else. He didnt come, but thats his problem, he missed out on seeing his only son getting married and he now admits he was foolish. I was critisised for wanting to marry in a Catholic Church, some family members were Catholic others were Salvation Army and others Christian. Both my husband and I are Catholic, but I was brought up in the Salvation Army Church, we decided not to have a garden wedding like the majority wanted, and although some guest said if we did marry there, they wouldnt attend, they all turned up to join us on our day. I had all sorts of advise, good and extremely bad. I had many people threaten me that they wouldnt come. I didnt care, it was my day not theirs and I hope you'll find it in your heart to do what is right for you no matter who it upsets.
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1 Mar 07
thanks a lot for your support