Does anyone know of a site that offers assistance to small libraries?

@sbeauty (5869)
United States
February 28, 2007 10:52am CST
I'm going to start working at our local library next week. I live in a very tiny town with a very tiny library. I'd like to find out if there are organizations that donate books or funds to small, underfunded libraries like this. I'd love to turn it into a decent small library if I can find a way. Or are any of you associated with a large library that might want to donate discards to a small library? I would appreciate any help any of you can give me.
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• India
5 Mar 07 is a site to assist in the field of library & information science. I think ur queries can be solved by seeing site
@caribe (2465)
• United States
4 Mar 07
Good luck with your new endeavor. I always thought working at a library would be an interesting job. I don't know any sources for help but the ones offered by the previous posts sound like good places to start such as the Rotary club and Walmart. I just looked on the internet and found this link to a bunch of endowment foundations in Iowa. Isn't that where you live? Here is the link I noticed there is a place to download an application there. Good luck.
@villageanne (8554)
• United States
3 Mar 07 offers free magazines to businesses and librarys and such. You could check them out to get magazines for your library. We get tons of magazines from them. Also, Walmart has grants that help with things like this. Check with your local walmart for the amount and how to get it.
@kokopelli (4842)
• United States
28 Feb 07
that's great news sbeauty! my mom was a librarian and i grew up messing around the library, hehe. anyway, you may go and present such a need to organizations like rotary and lions club. i'm sure they can help coz when i was a rotarian, we did raise funds to improve a small library in a remote area and donated books for the children there. we even had the reading program to help them learn how to read. i'm sure organizations like that would be glad to help :)
@rusty2rusty (6758)
• Defiance, Ohio
28 Feb 07
Sorry, I am not associated with any larger libraries. But I do have a few suggestions. When I was a child living in a small town. The library asked the people of the town to donate their unwanted book to the library. It was also asked through the eschool if they had any books to donate. A paper was also sent home with the students to try and make the public aware of library needing books. I also remember the library buying new books and also selling them in the library to try and help generate some cash flow. A couple years ago. I lived in another state in a small town. The small town had a small library. They got together with a couple other small libraries in the county. They ended up having it where they can drop any book off at any of the librariess in the county. They worked together as one. Good luck. I think libraries are a great thing.