Potty Trianing Problems

@magikrose (5432)
United States
February 28, 2007 11:09am CST
Alright I have a 3yr old beautifull daughter. We are trying to potty train her and it is not working. She is utterly refusing to go o nthe potty for us. I will sit with her and sing songs and tell stories and yet she will not go on the potty but as soon as we put on her pull-up or even undies she will pee and then we have to change her. Any ideas other than the reward method. We have tried that too and it dosnt work.
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@Connie1013 (1098)
• United States
1 Mar 07
Does she like her potty chair? Did she help pick it out? Any chance of her having a doll that needs to potty train? They make all kinds of dolls that come with their own potty chair? I know silly but it might work. OH have you tried literally going with her? I trained my 2 year old by accident that way. I was always going due to a bladder problem and she just sat on her potty because she was very bored. Could this idea work for you? I was told that no matter what every child will potty train. Don't give up. If it helps, my daughter always pee-ed her in training pants. I gave up and saved money by buying marked down undies and tossed them if her "accident" was to great.
• United States
28 Feb 07
Key thing to remember: They understand more than you think. This is what I did with my daughter. I let her walk around with nothing on and let her have an accident and she got the message real quick. She was fully potty trained sghortly after she turned 2. Did you know that some cultures train their children at 8 months old? I think that is ridiculous but if it can be done at that age then we know it can be done at 3. Good Luck!!!!