The courage of a child...

United States
February 28, 2007 12:23pm CST
I am always in awe of children that are able to admit to being sexually abused by someone they know. It has to be so traumatic to begin with and then to destroy a relationship with at least that person as well as anyone who might not believe you. One thing I have never understood is when a parent doesn't believe their child. How could a parent not believe their own child? I know on occasion that a child lies, but I would much rather error in that direction than the other. Any thoughts?
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• New Zealand
28 Jun 07
when i first spoke up to my family about my grandad (dad's dad) abusing me my parents were seperated and i told my mum first, she of course believed me and was very supportive through it all but when it came to telling my dad... he said he believed me, but i just had this feeling he didnt, we didnt get along that well after then and dad would still always go and see my grandparents and act like happy families (he confronted my grandad who of course denied it) until one day he found out from another family member that he had also done it to her and her mother. so he really had no choice but to fully believe me. it took me to speak up at age 14 for other family members 40 years an older to tell aswell. Obviously it has torn our family apart, dad still see's them but i know he believes me now.