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February 28, 2007 2:00pm CST
Here we can belong to groups that address different interests and everything that happens in those areas can be read by all. I don't know that it would be wise tohave private groups here because such things are difficult to keep going, but I wonder if others have thought about htat as a possibile option to add this summer? I DO have a yahoo group for pagans who are healers and readers and I would love for a few people who fit the description that is spiritual counsellor, psychic, tarot reader, intuitive gudance, and the contact me and join the yahoo group I have for pagans who make part of their living in those occult arts. There must be other people of like mind who have groups outside of here....Please let others know because it is nice to talk about some issues that are not appropriate for public viewing or participation!
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1 Mar 07
Well I run a few communities. Which are counted as groups, although not all are private but one I run is. Yours sounds quite interesting sagemother, I have to say I've always been interested in tarot cards and other things beyond. Kudos, Goodluck with finding more! ~Joey
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28 Feb 07
I would not like private groups in myLot. To me it is enough that they have the interest separate so you can stay in them for discussion if you want but I learn a lot by all the diverse info that is posted.
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