ma love got caught/help me

February 28, 2007 2:28pm CST
i'm a 17 years old boy n ma girlfriend is also the same age v r also oour family no one supports friendship between the girl and the boy.v love each other n no one knew abt it,but ma elder cousin had a dought on both of us.its along story tat how he got the dought but he now knows it.but he didn't stop us but warned us tat this is not the rite age to get in love.but i'm afraid n rather tense tat if he tells any one abt our relation then v ill lose the respect from our family n ma parents will not allow me to marry her coz they will think tat if she can be freinds with him she must be having other boy friends also,n will think tat her chracter is not good.i'm worried a lot n ma girl friend is also very worried .. pla help me ur advise tat wt should i do know???
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• India
1 Mar 07
many parents dont understand about love and they immediately say no...u keep on going...but see dat u and ur gf doesnt get any bad impression..sit with ur elder cousin and talk with him frankly....he may also help u
• Pakistan
1 Mar 07
ma cousin is 27 years old n i'm not frank with any of ma cousin even ma bro too.i told him tat u dun worry i also care for her but i'm afraid to talk more.but if ma parents get to know then how shouls i calm them out???