Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Hong Kong
February 28, 2007 3:58pm CST
hi guys, do you think that this song has any hidden meaning?as you can see, the title could be simplified as LSD which is a highly addicting drug. what are your views regarding this?
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• Canada
28 Feb 07
It's widely thought that this song was John Lennon's description of what it is like to be on an LSD trip.
• United States
1 Mar 07
Well, that was *his* trip. It's different for everybody. LOL
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
John is always been a true artist himself.whiter it's about LSD I think it doesn't matter,that's the "in-thing"in the past and maybe even now.It is I think accidental and ended up a creative way in the process of song making.Accidental artistic things do happen a lot in the "field of arts"so I think he was just very creative as always and I think it was later said in his interviews with the playboy Mag,that he can make a song for a movie but he would prefer and enjoy more if it's done intuitively and spontaneously for himself.Just to please himself first then he can proudly share it to the general public.Though one of my favorite Lennon song appeared in WWF sound track,it is "Across the universe"
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• United States
9 Mar 07
maybe that means LSD, but that is still a great song
@jend80 (2071)
• United Kingdom
1 Mar 07
Lennon always denied that the title stood for LSD - his story was that his son Julian had drawn a picture of a school friend Lucy, brought it home and explained that it was "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" & IIRC also that it was influenced by Alice in Wonderland (forget if Lennon said that himself, but I think I've read that he did). He also claimed later something about that it was partly symboslising meeting or wanting to meet his true woman that Yoko ending up fullfilling. The girl and the picture genuinely existed, and the story seems to be true - but it's also been long offically accepted by music writers that the song imagery was inspired by his LSD use. Going by whst I've heard/read people have been claiming the title was a "secret" referece to LSD almost as long as the song came out. There was an interview on radio 4 (BBC) @ 10 years ago with the origanal Lucy, talking about her friedship with Julian Lennon. She remembered telling people after finding out that the song had been written about her, only to be told back "no it's not it's about LSD). First thing this thread reminded me of, being at secondary school in the 90s, a few people were sort of into the Beatles, (not sure if this was arround when they were starting to be mentioned again because of Oasis and the antholgy tv series or earlier) hanging around with another tutor group before class one morning, and one of the girls rushed in announcing that she'd just worked out that Lucy Sky Diamonds = LSD, only for her "mates" to give her totally disintrested looks - "we know".