Would you tell a stranger if you notice they have a personal problem?

@pilbara (1436)
February 28, 2007 7:11pm CST
If someone you don't know has a potentially embarassing personal problem, do you tell them or not? Are you more likely to tell them if it is something minor? For example if someone you don't know gets into an elevator with you and they stink, would you tell them? Another example would be a person who has a label sticking out of their clothing. Or, If you noticed a women with blood on the back of her clothing, would you tell her? From what I've seen people seem willing to tell strangers about small issues like the label, but are less willing to comment on major problems. What do you think?
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@baby88 (696)
• Singapore
1 Mar 07
i think it all depend. i will not tell someone that i do not know him/her is stink cos it's a little bit rude. as for the women with the blood on the back of her cloth i will probably let her know and maybe in some way i could help her also. small thing like lable sticking out of their cloth i think i will probably never mind abt it too much.
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• India
2 Mar 07
well in my case i think i wud not tell the stinky person beside me nd not even the labeled one...bt yes i think i wud try to tell the women abt the bllod on her back....so that she'll be saved frm being insulted among others..as generally people make fun of these things...even if they know its natural.
• United States
1 Mar 07
Their is a reason why people do/look like they do/look. I don't want to know a stranger, my mom told me not to talk to strangers, I don't want to kno the reason.