Poor Death Row Murder's Dont You Feel Bad for Them?

deathrow - picture of old death row electric chair. This guy does not look too scared to me. I wonder what the victim looked like while they were being murdered.
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February 28, 2007 7:46pm CST
Well I don't. I posted a discussion on the death penalty and while the majority of people were for it there were some people that were against it. That is fine. I think everyone should have their opinion on it. But the last response I got just struck a nerve with me. Here we are talking about people that are less then animals, people that have taken the lives and ruined the lives of every family. The victim and the families that have to live with what was done to their Son, Daughter, Mother, Father , Husband, Niece, Nephew. The Grandparents. All these people that are left behind after a family member is murdered. Left to wonder what their last moments were like. You and I cannot even imagine the hell these people are put through. We do not want to know what that type of hell is like. So we can sit here and past judgment on them. But some of us it seems feel sorry for these animals . I choose to call them animals because they do not act like human beings. Actually they are lower then most animals. Anyway, I get this comment that people who are on death row are treated inhumanely, they are parked like cattle to await their execution like cattle. That this method is cruel and even lethal injection is cruel. Well it ain't cruel enough in my eyes. Every day they should walk them to the chair and then say Oops wrong day. There is no punishment inhumane enough to punish someone who has murdered your baby , done such inhumane things to them that I would not even post it on this discussion. I just wish people would think before they say things like we treat them inhumanely. How do you think they should be treated. I am not talking about someone who robbed a convenience store. I am talking about someone who 100 percent was proven to have committed a crime. A terrible crime. Think about how you would feel if someone did this to a member of your family. Someone you loved more then life itself. Then tell me you think it is inhumane. I suppose you think that Saddam was treated inhumanely. I think they should have run him through a paper shredder like he did some of his victims. Feet first . So if you don't think parking them on death row is humanely enough, what do you think we should do with them. Let them run day care centers in the prison. Work in Nursing Homes.? What is your suggestion. Oh I can see my stars fading away.
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