Do you think we can make Big Money from mylot?

@happylim (660)
February 28, 2007 8:46pm CST
At first I think I can make Big Money from mylot as some of our mylot member thought. But after a week with mylot, I have change my mind that "We can't make Big Money from mylog!" What do you think?
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@ewealth (60)
• Nigeria
1 Mar 07
I really think myLot is fun. I enjoy the community and not so far laying big emphasis on what I make there. But bottomline: You must really have a lot of referrals, maybe 500 active ones and also personally make a lot of posts to make it big in myLot. So you must spent tons of hours on the internet to achieve that, I think. You may check my blog ( for other interesting internet money-making sites. Goodluck!!
@lkbooi (16100)
• Malaysia
1 Mar 07
I become mylot member coz of fun rather than money at this present moment. I think to make big money from mylot is not impossible. Firstly you must sponsor a lot of referrals who are very active in create quality discussions, answer large amount of discussions daily etc. Secondly you yourself must be able to create discussions with images which will receive great responses. Lastly you should answer at least 100s of discussions daily. Good luck to you lol:)
• India
1 Mar 07
hi upto now i too thought that i can make big money every month..but after seeing the commenst on this question,i cahnged my mind...but we can make it by joing more people under you..
• Canada
1 Mar 07
If we sit infront of our computers all day and refer tons of people we probably could, but who has time for that?
@not4me (1713)
• United States
1 Mar 07
There's not enough time in the day to make more than gas money off of mylot. Maybe $50 in one month if you have tons of referrals but not from regular posting.