what do you think could be done about the digital divide?

United States
February 28, 2007 10:30pm CST
while almost all homes in first world countries are connected to broadband dsl, more than half of the world still haven't heard about the internet, dsl, or even computer... online information are accessible and more updated.. so while the rich countries become more technologically advanced and knowledgeable, the rest of the world still continues to crawl... what do you think could be done to minimize this great digital divide?
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• Singapore
1 Mar 07
I think it really depends on the government of the country. They must work hard to build the infrastruture and software for all this technology to make it easy and reachable. Recently, my country just launched free wireless surf hot spot for the public in order to bring up the broadband user rate. True enough broadband rates from different providers drop tremendously due to the move from the government and overall broadband subscriptions increases. Nonetheless, wireless devices like the PDA/PPC and laptops also increase in sales. Its a move to improve the country technology and triggering the market tactically.