Users of Apple Ipod?

February 28, 2007 11:34pm CST
hey, do you people use apple ipod? i think this the one of the best product of Apple,what say?
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• India
15 Mar 07
yes i have nano 4gb and its awesome. very small and handy. now i m going to get video ipod 30 gb.
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@kmahesh (10)
• India
14 Mar 07
yes dear...!! its simply the best product of apple......its sound quality,loudness,trble,bass z simply the best......its such a portable exciting ipod nano z damn gud...its a blaster...ipod 249$ z the king with memory of 30,60 and 80 gb....isnt that exciting.....more than tne memory of a computer!!!!!!! just wwwwoooooowwww!!!!!!
@hotbiatch (276)
• Philippines
31 May 07
yeah I agree with you though I had a hard time when i first used the brand.
@murasaki (149)
• Japan
30 May 07
I've got an iPod Shuffle myself. It's one of the first 1GB models that I bought a couple of years ago, and I'm quite happy with it. If I get sick of listening to the same kind of music, I can jus tplug it into the computer, open up iTunes and do anothe random selection to fill up the player. Great little device, and it's now smaller and available in several colours!
• Philippines
23 May 07
I'm a user of an 80GB 5th gen. Haha, the space is too big I share it with my brother for storage. ;)
@simran1430 (1793)
• India
10 Apr 07
When Apple first started selling iPods, there were two basic choices that essentially differed in the amount of songs they could store and their physical size. Today, seven storage choices await music lovers. You should choose your iPod based on what you can afford to spend and the amount of storage you want.The least expensive, and lightest, IPod is the iPod Shuffle. About the size of a pack of gum, the iPod Shuffle comes in two versions-one can store 120 songs and the other can store 240 songs. Play the songs you've downloaded in the order they are listed or play them randomly with the-what else-shuffle option.The storage capacities, and the price, jump with the iPod Minis. These iPods can hold either 1000 or 1500 songs. Unlike the Shuffle, the iPod Mini has a screen that displays operation options as well as the title and artist for each song. The iPod Mini is also the only iPod to come in a choice of colors.
• United States
9 Apr 07
I love my IPOD NANO. It is the BEST. My husband got a knockoff brand, and is like I only paid $40.00 for this.. I said its a piece of crap, you get what you pay for! It is true, his cheap knockoff broke.
• United States
2 Apr 07
Yeah I agree its a great product from Apple. I have a 30 gig iPod video and I love it. I love the ability to watch movies or anything else on it, it really comes in handy on long plane trips and things like that.
@cocobaby (300)
• United States
31 Mar 07
I have two iPods, a Shuffle and a Nano. They are definitely great products and fun to use.
• Uganda
31 Mar 07
I bought my Ipod 2months ago and I love it.
@juicemilk (2286)
• Australia
30 Mar 07
I love my iPod :) I debated about buying one for a while as I wasn't sure I really needed one, but now I use it all the time! And we have a speaker system at home that you can just pkug the iPod into, and it is so much easier and better than having a stereo and mucking around with cds. I can't remember the last time I even bought a cd! Plus I use my iPod at work too, as I get sick of the same songs on the radio so I just plug my iPod into my computer and listen to it through itunes :)
• Italy
7 Mar 07
i got a shuffle but i do not use it so much, it's so hard to put the tracklist inside!
• India
4 Mar 07
I have a 60GB iPod Video and i love it and can't live without it.....
@felicas83 (311)
• Ecuador
1 Mar 07
yes, i got an ipod video 80 gb, the product is great, great sound quality, the screen is good, and the quality of the videos is fine, it's one of the best apple products, i can't wait to see the iphone
@ricsem (230)
• Hong Kong
1 Mar 07
definitely. I have a 4-gb nanopod and a 1-gb shuffle and they are among my favorite gadgets. I'm looking forward to the release of iPhone.
• India
1 Mar 07
s i like to buy one soon......