Earn for being online?????!!!!

March 1, 2007 12:00am CST
Here is an opportunity which helps you to earn without any work except being online, no matter what you do and how you do and it will also not stop your current work. The features are: 1- earn for being online 2- it does not stop the work you were doing 3- it does not involve any work from your side except installing the 611kb software. The features of the software are: 1- Its free 2- Available worldwide 3- Pays whenever you are online whether you work or not. 4- It pays you 1$ per month when your community reaches 10 members. 5- It also pays you for the referrals you refer. 6- your refferals also earns for your work. PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: I had joined this site and i like this site and so i am telling it so that my mylot friends also get help from this. This is not a scam site as i know some members of the site who already got paid from it. http://www.greenhorse.com/join_now.ghc?r=160617211
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