unforgettable thing that you have done in your life?

March 1, 2007 1:27am CST
what is the unforgettable thing that you have done in your life???
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@akonbi (1)
• Nigeria
21 Mar 07
isjust the day my heart was broken then i learn not beleive any body or trust anyone
@ackars (1942)
• India
14 Mar 07
The most unforgettable thing I ve done is that I ve stolen one of my friend's pen box when we were in 4th std...It had all his pens,pencils,sharpner etc...I still remember him crying his heart out on that day...On seeing him crying,I really felt very sorry for him and wanted to give it back.But I was too scared of the after effects and didnt give it back..I didnt even opened it and threw it on the way to my home...The best part of the story is;that guy is my best friend now and I ve told him about that incident..He said he never expected me to do it..He calls me "box thief" now and I ve given him the sole right to call me so...I will never ever forget that event in my life..
• India
8 Mar 07
when i lost my left side completely when i got paralysed due to brain tumor. i cant forget that moment of my life. my parents wept alone.
@UAkshay (72)
2 Mar 07
The MOSTTTT unforgettable thing I have ever done in my life is NEVER EVER untill NOW PROPOSE A GIRLLLL.....
@lextoper (573)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
Well, i have done many unforgettable things... but my most unforgettable is my bohol(place in the philippines)adventure. I went there with my friend having only an exact fair going in and going back to cebu. That was early morning of first year in college. We suppose to attend our class that day when my friend john ask me for adventure... then it happens...:D
• India
1 Mar 07
unforgettable thing that i have done is in my sixth standard.. at that time i put nirma soappowder into my friends waterbottle and it was catched by our dear teacher after few days.. this is one.. there are many unforgettable things in my life...
@Sicantik (706)
1 Mar 07
That would be giving birth to my son. I was a bit scared but excited at the same time , but all those feeling just disapear once I saw him for the first time...it was really amazing....xx
@LeXDei (209)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
I guess the most unforgettable thing that I've done in my life is studying to be able to pass a national examination. I fortunately passed it!
• Canada
1 Mar 07
Just recently I flew to AZ, to be with my Sweetheart for a couple of weeks. He's working down there. I loved it there, and I'm already planning my next trip to Arizona.
@joby_09 (498)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
I was caught by the most terror accounting professor cheating during a quiz! I just can't forget her face and how she stares at me when i was picking my cheating materials when it fell off the floor. But she never mentioned anything about it! I'm definitely sure she saw me. Even up to now, i can't look and talk to her straight whenever i visit school. Looking at her just reminds me of such embarrasing moment. =)