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March 1, 2007 2:48am CST
Why is it that a lot of Christians are so god awful quick to throw scriptures at you?!? Sure the other religions probabally have the same types of people but I live here in America where the majority is Christian (all denominations) so I see this the most from them. I asked a person's advice just today and they threw scripture at mee. I am not Christian so why would they throw their religous beliefs at mee. My question had nothing to do with the Bible nor religion, but it was like an uncontrolable urge for them as I have noticed them doing it to alot of people as thinking about it I do not remember a single conversation with this person that did not contain something from the Bible. Hell we were driking a beer (I drink maybe one twice a year) and playing card and he was racking off scripture as he sucked down beer after beer the whole time I nursed my one. I don't know maybe I am just being over sensitive but this urked mee. So tell mee, why do Christians do this?!? Is the Bible all they know?!? Is the Bible the extent of their intellect?!?
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@ReyM21 (281)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
For me, Scriptures (Word of God) are strength and basis to most Christians, that's why they quoted it if the circumstance need it. Most Christians are just following what Christ have taught them-- to spread the Great Commission (good news) to all creatures, to the ends of the earth.. and this is called simply 'evangelism'. Christians claim the promises of God, it's actually their hope in this world.
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• United States
2 Mar 07
But to mee that is disrespecting mee and everyone else when they apply the Bible to everything. For example.... I do not hit my children and they are not bad all of the time and when they are I or Mrs. Mee corrects them and it is done, so my great Christian friend has to chime in with "You know the Bible tells us that if we spare the rod we spoil the child. You need to put a rod across their a$$ and make them get into compliance as the Bible will tell us how to handle all situations." What in the hell his children even with all of the "rods" he uses are the worse bunch of children I have seen, his 10 year old is even sneeking out of the house to be with her boyfriend at all hours of the night, his 13year old is pregnant already, his two boys 5&8 are holy terrors so he really has no room to talk about raising children till he gets ahold of his own. This is what I mean, he talks about " The Bible tells us to not become a part of this world but to transcend above it" Bull Sh!t this is the same guy that is constantly talking about the woman's a$$ in the grocery store line in frount of him. Anyways thank you for the response and I do see your point on it.....Have a great day!!
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3 Mar 07
There has been many that I have ran into not just this one and it seems like I am a magnet to these "Sunday Christians" that are "PREACHERS" 7 days a week. When I was doing time like 95% of the Christians I knew were pure "Bible Thumpers" and since I have been out I have found several more that are that way. Thank you for the response and have a great day!!
@mobyfriend (1019)
• Netherlands
1 Mar 07
My experience that the more life gets to you you don't feel the need to throw scriptures at someone. Most people I think do it because they have just become a christian or they are stuck and can't think outside the box anymore. What worries me more is that they take the scripture out of context and apply it on a situation that has no bearing whatsoever to that scripture.
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