Frustrated!! Britney Spears Down

March 1, 2007 3:39am CST
1st March 2007 Britney Spears is out from the rehabilitation. how could a world wide public figure like her do a stupid think like this? hairless and alcohol addiction is her biggest news to day. does her carrier would be down because of her latest attitude? what should she do to get her live back?
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@jchampany (1131)
• United States
1 Mar 07
The way I see it, Britney sold the world something and charged us a hell of a lot of money for it. Fame. Now that she has it and all the money it brought her she wants to give it back. I am sorry to say, it is too late.
@iduidu (243)
• Romania
1 Mar 07
maybe she is going through post partum hair loss. it *can* get bad and worse for some more than others. she had 2 back to back pregnancies after all and i think she's brave for not hiding IF she shaved her head for that reason. as for pictures of her splattered everywhere, that's not her doing. blame the paparazzi...she probably can't hide if she tried! should she be in seclusion to make everyone happy? she is rich enough to afford wigs to where no one would be the wiser so obviously she is not hiding anything she's going through. i sincerely hope the best for her as she is a person like everyone on this site. maybe when one of you has a stressful event or goes through some sort of hardship you will gain something called empathy. shame on everyone who made nasty comments...i believe this is what is wrong with society - insecure followers. also most celebs have lots of help to get pretty. that is nothing new. half of hollywood is fake or touched up.
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
Britney Spears is a very popular performer in her field, no doubt about that. People get to wonder though, why she has to resort to doing a lot of gimmicks just to get to the headlines. It seems that there is something wrong with her. Something which she shares with Paris Hilton. I wonder if this behavior dates back to her childhood years. Personally, I believe a psychiatrist is needed to unearth this puzzle in her life and thus from then on, lead a normal one. I love Britney, she's really a wow performer. I enjoy watching her, eventhough I cannot do it beyond what the tv offers and the videos, too.
@SheraPop (84)
1 Mar 07
I don't know what that poor girl is going to do... yeah she may have loads of money but imagine how hard it must be living with the paparazzi looking at you every second of the day... they say that if you are famous you just have to deal with it but personally, I think everyone forgets that we have made her like this, and seeing as she started out as such a young child star how would she possibly realise the stresses and strains fame brings? I blame her Mum, I mean she really pushed her didn't she from such an early age.... I just think it's really sad... hope she gets through this!