Do you value money more than relationships ???

March 1, 2007 4:38am CST
In my view, to some extent money is necessary...but it can;t be put above humankind and human relationships..because the very existance of human society is based upon relationships.and only after one gets engaged on any relationship,he/she feels the need of money to maintain a life with his/her relative..So money comes next to relationship..In fact cause is relationship and the effect is money..What you have to say "myLotians"??
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• Philippines
1 Mar 07
I think that relationships are more valuable but money is some sort of major external factor which can affect your relationships. Sometimes it just gets to the point that you have experienced bad financial problems and then it will just ruin everything including your relationships. I just try to think of it this way: I value relationships above all other material things. But having a lack of material things such as money will make me miserable and unable to relate and build relationships with others excellently. So while I say relationships are more important, I also say that money is important to earn and save so that it will not interfere with the way I deal with others, especially the ones I love.