Street Dogs - Sad Story!!!

March 1, 2007 6:01am CST
Nearby my place, there is semi slum area which is developing for the past few years.... there is a school also with little population... I heard a news that a street dog from that area chased two small girls of age 10 and 14 of that small school. the two girls got scared and tried running away from the dog. they ran and ran and fell into the drainage in that fear... where some four five dogs surrounded them and started biting them hard... they're in serious condition in hospital.... Now after this incident, do you think we should still oblige to the rule that we should not kill the street dogs??? what do you have to say about this???
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@Shaun72 (15965)
• Palatka, Florida
31 Mar 07
I say if it hurts a child or a family member yeah I would. I hate to feel this way to all animal lovers but my family and humans come first to me.
@asish1672 (338)
• United Arab Emirates
17 Mar 07
I know how you feel, but this is your decision in the heat of the moment. Actually one must also think about these creatures from a humanitarian side. Instead of killing them if they are put into a kennel, I think it will be a good arrangement. If you go abroad, not far off, but may be to where I live, in Dubai, you will see that there are no stray animals on the road. This is same in almost all the modern cities and towns. I stayed in Bangalore for a long period and have noticed, how much nuisense these stray dogs perform. Recently, even there was a news in the newspaper similar to yours. And the Bangalore municipality has ordered a drive to arrest all the stray dogs and put them in to captivity.
@tammyr (5954)
• Etowah, Tennessee
1 Mar 07
I was attacked by a small pack of strays when young. Not as bad as that, though. I was only bitten once and that is the only thing I remember was the one bite and everything else is blank. I hope these girls also forget. Having been there I feel the dog should be put down as soon as possible. If it has attacked once it will do it again and the hospital may not be a option the next time.
@shogunly (1403)
• Libya
1 Mar 07
Street dogs are not only a safety threat ,they are a HEALTH threat ,too . They are pest and should be exterminated . I dont know where you are from ,but health authorities usually do not have a policy where street dogs are tolerated . Maybe you mean your people's traditions (sparing the life of stray dogs ?) I repeat : dogs that do not belong to any household are a threat to people ,and animal rights or not ,HUMANS COME FIRST !!
• United States
1 Mar 07
Ok I'll open the can of worms. If the dogs have no owners then I would say put them down, no one is takin care of them and they are now hurting people. These children did not deserve to be bitten like this even if they provoked the first dog. Dogs who have not been fed and taken care of will go back to their wild instincts in order to survive, it's really not the dogs fault it reverted back to its natural instincts though. If they do have owners they need to be punished for letting the dogs run wild.