choreography as a career

March 1, 2007 6:40am CST
one of my friends wanted to eagerlt pursue choreography as her profession coz she enjoyed dancing as a hobby and that was her talent too but her refused to support her n now she is pursuing sumthng of their choice wat do u think was her parents right or not?? and why??
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1 Mar 07
My wife ran into the same problem with her parents. She majored in English in college, minored in Dance. Now she runs a dance studio. If the daughter truly wants to choreograph for a living, her parents can't stop her.
@spr1967 (208)
1 Mar 07
Follow your dreams if you are allowed to is what i say, but was the decsion to do what the parents wanted down to money issues with respect to "supporting" her doing choreography? As a parent i would support my children in anything they chose to do